Lightning protection using lfa-m ppt

The cloud will induce a charge of opposite sign on the tall object. From the line, current path may be over the insulators down to the pole to the ground. A new simple, effective and inexpensive method for lightning protection of medium voltage overhead distribution line is using long flashover arresters LFA.

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How does LFA-M protect the overhead lines? Lightning is an electrical discharge between cloud and earth, between clouds or between the charge centers of same cloud. You do not have the permission to view this presentation. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Types of lightning II. lda-m

Thus the lightnning voltage is applied to each flashover module at the same moment, and all the three flashover modules 1, 2 and 3 are assured conditions for simultaneous initiation of creeping discharges which,with respective modules flashed over, develop a single long flashover channel. Click To Add Comments. Extend the working life of high voltage circuit breakers. A new long flashover arrester model has been developed.

When cloud discharges to earth, -ve charge rushes along both directions in form of travelling wave.


Efficiency can only be increased by number of flash over modules. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter.

In stroke B the lightning discharge occurs on the overhead line as the result of stroke A between the clouds. Electricity By Lauryn Jackson. The induced over voltages can be counteracted by installing a single arrester on an overhead line support pole. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Similarly, the semiconducting core of the lower piece of the same resistance applies the low potential 0 to the surface of the upper piece, also at its center.

Auth with social network: Early streamer emission Radioactive rod systems Laser induced systems Charge transfer systems. Lighting is formed by: Takes place when clouds are charged to a high potential Electrical discharge between a cloud and earth A huge spark There are three clouds P,Q and R having positive, negative and positive charge respectively.

Reduce the overall cost of the protection system.


Registration Forgot your password? If the cloud P shift too nearer to cloud Q,Then lightning discharge will occur between them and charges on uing these cloud disappear quickly. Lightning is a huge spark that takes place when clouds are charged to a high potential with respect to earth object e. For example world, us etc III. From the line, current path may be over the insulators down to the pole to the ground.

First, a lightning lga-m causes a spark over of the spark gaps Next, the semiconducting core of the upper cable piece, whose resistancecarries the high lighning to the surface of the lower piece at its middle.

Blockchain Technology Seminar Report. Newer Post Older Post. Charge on the cloud Q is bound by cloud R. Each cable piece has a semi conductive core of resistance R The cable pieces are arranged so as to form three flashover modules 1,2,3.

Electricity The movement of charge from one place to another Requires energy to move the charge Also requires conductors.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The over voltage set up due to the stroke may be large enough to flashover this path directly to the ground.

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