Travian crop finder

To find an answer, select a parent category and then child categories until the answer appears below. It helps you with building World Wonder to prevent troop starvation and granary overflows. You can easily find your answer by typing any keyword you are searching for. You only need to set which village to search from and maximum distance. Server 2 Server 3 Server 4 travian.

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The most reliable method is to seek lakes with crop bonuses, and skirt around those lakes, hovering the mouse over each tile until you find your chosen site. Just add them as advanced sitter.

Crop tool - Travian - Getter-Tools

Display of own villages with travel time, current predicted crop storage at arrival and a direct link to send crop. Do you prefer searching via a normal sitemap as you know from a Wiki or a FAQ?

You can choose a field range and the number of villages as a filter, just select your server and punch in the required info and you have all allys within range.

Server 1 Server 3 Server 4. Your sitters can update all your findfr without needing direct account access. This little tool will help you decide where to place your infrastructure.

Travian Village Planner This little tool will help you decide where to place your infrastructure. If you are tired of wasting so much time looking on the map for free crops, now is the moment to stop suffering. Tree A complete and clear diagram of all buildings.

Elisa, I did not notice the timeline of the thread haha. Will provide a link for easy access. To activate the cropper finder you must be a member of gold club. Farm Finder - Traviandope. Server 2 Server 3 Server 4. Server 1 Server 3 Speed 3x travian.

Travian Scoop

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The crop tool allows you to easily support big troops with crop in a efficient and optimized way. Social Media Facebook Fanpage.

Displays the position of crop village. You'll see it by hovering over the icons in your map view, if you have Gold Club. In the basic version there are some limitations, but the Crop Tool is sufficient for players who want just to try the Crop Tool, respectively players who want to use the Crop Tool for feeding their large army in their villages.

It will search crops from the starting position surroundings to a maximum distance specified. In Crop Finder dialog there are 4 simple steps to start searching crops: See image below for more details: Once you are registered, your account is immediately active and functional for 24 hours in full version and then automatically changed to the free basic version. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

Just hover your mouse over the un-occupied villages untill you find on that says "1 1 1 15" or "3 3 3 9" Do Not Use a Crop Finder, they are against the rules and can result with you being banned: Crop Finder — Search 9c and 15c villages If you are tired of wasting so much time looking on the map for free crops, now is the moment to stop suffering.

In case you cannot find the answer you need on your own you'll get a chance to contact us at the end. Travian includes a crop finder now. So they will process while they aren't visible on their way back.

Find villages near a position X Y on the Travian map and view travel time and distances to the target.

Displays the distance between starting point and crop village.

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