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There's even 12 songs that didn't make it because they didn't fit the vibe of the record. Glasses Malone - Single by Problem". By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Problem made a splash for his hometown city when he partnered with the Los Angeles Rams to create the team's theme song, "My Squad," for the NFL season.

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You've said before molluwood most interested in music from the '80s and early '90s and how you've tried to apply those sounds to your own music. But he's also just about the only MC in the game who isn't scared to look happy about his success. The 20 Worst Hipster Bands.

Yes, because of what was at stake. So everything was dope together, it was a collaborative thing.

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Or sign in with a social account: As well as he released his second album S2 in November 30, I had to execute and let everybody know I'm here to stay. Was it different working on that than your previous output? Is that still the case? In NovemberProblem announced that he would release his debut album independently through Diamond Lane Music Mollywood. Since I record and engineer myself, I record four to five songs a day anyway.

Tp Albums Of All Time.

You could tell they were all in that studio and you could feel the energy in it. His musical influences are EminemN. Glasses Malone - Single by Problem". Hot on the heels of his new mixtape Welcome to Mollywood 2 and ahead of his show at the Key Club tomorrow nightwe spoke to Problem about how the song "Function" came to be, why he smiles so much and if the MDMA on the cover of his mixtape was real.

Retrieved from " https: It's the way I keep my raps up, so yeah. You had to record the first Welcome to Mollywood tape in two weeks. I smile, I'm happy about the success of my label and excited to see what's next for the future of my company and myself.

He is best known for his single " Like Whaaat " and for featuring on E 's " Function ".

Problem – Welcome To Mollywood 2

I was writing with a whole 'nother point in the end, but right now the end is for me. Chaz Kangas September 20, 5: That's what I get from it. I came up with the actual writing of the [title] in MDMA, because I thought that would be trippy, and the actual picture was chosen by my manager.

Honestly man, the real answer is girls.

Problem - Welcome To Mollywood-2012

Top 20 Greatest L. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Problem in December Views Read Edit View history.

What about it appeals to you? I don't have much to complain about. Retrieved 14 February It was a bright thing, but it was heavy.

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