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This package contains driver v9. Install Wizard completes basic tests and diagnostics to ensure proper driver installation and SAN connectivity. Then there is that presentation from Veeam But your storage system can not handle 2 different streams at same speed as one sequential run. Check with the initial fulls the speed but focus more on parallel processing of incremental runs.

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The same exact speed. I’m joining Andreas in the request for the feedback from VMware, it would be awesome to finally have a proper statement from them. Qlogic storport also tried something different now SANsurfer Pro also provides robust diagnostic and troubleshooting syorport and useful statistical information to optimize SAN performance.

This is not a small problem qlogic storport i guess that all replication providers have the same problem.

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Includes API Library version 2. There are a lot of forums stprport with long threads where people have the same problem since ESX 3. First i tried doing only one or two replication jobs to test the speed. But your storage system can not handle 2 different streams qlogic storport same speed as one sequential run. IA32 and completes basic tests and diagnostics qlogic storport ensure proper driver qlogic storport and SAN connectivity.

Anyway after the first initial full transfer the random read change block tracking based source reada are the bottlenecks later.

HS22 Qlogic boot from SAN error: The file ql2300.sys is corrupted. press any key to continue

Can you please explain me the FC connection what is connecting? I never saw an official statement from VMware regarding the cap, but if you search around there are so many forums talking about this, not only Veeam.

But since you are the experts i thought i would ask you aswell. This is the first qlogic storport i have ever been able to confirm that there actually is a cap and what that cap is. All feature and release plans are subject to change without notice.

I did some tests after my reply in my lab, and the speed of a backup stodport NBD from a fusion-io datastore so impossible the source is the bottleneck and on my 1G connection I always saw around 40 MBs.

Is it a Veeam, Windows, 10 Gbit qlogic storport or Vmware problem Qqlogic API Library, v2. I think qlogic storport my storage can do more, it’s a limitation of the interface. There is no difference if i qlogiv the proxy itself as the qlogic storport for backup or if i replicate to an ESXi host, I still get the exact same speed. So now i’m back to maybe the NBD is not working and the vmware server cant receive data fast enough.

This time i was running about 10 replication jobs and a backup job at the same time. As you said this is not an qlogic storport for you and at your wanted MBs speed this is anyway not the best option because of qlogic storport penalty at replica target.

Google qlogic storportMajestic [Bot] and 21 guests. This contradicts all the other test i have done, but why not What Vmware’s answer qlogic storport the cap is “There is NOT any cap on the management port, nor has there ever been a cap and there is no cap planned for the future” Now, after the tests the Vmware guys qogic answer what the problem is and they are asking me to send them detailed information about my setup with screenshots so that they can open a bug case on this.

This driver package is compatible only with SANsurfer Pro qlogic storport. Any help no matter hos obvious would be appreciated.

They are qlogic storport that backend engineering will set up the same equipment at their end and do tests and they believe that will take months.

Changing Qlogic Queue Depth Windows – Help Center

The v is a DAS for the veeam proxy or is the production datastore where you extract data from when running backups? Writing from vmware directly to the storage has no qlogic storport.

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