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The web site was less than helpful; fortunately I have some experience in this area. It also pushes your motherboard closer to its limits without increasing the amount of work done. I neglected to ensure that I was using the correct PCB number. All times are GMT Download the resource kit to make sure your safe wherever business takes you!

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ECS Ptce-a Rev ATX Motherboard | eBay

If your computer is interfering with anyone’s saa or radio pt800ce-a sata, leaving spread spectrum turned on is a good idea. Learn more about our newest service included in Total Security Suite today! I tried another ATX power supply W with the same symptoms. I pt800ce-a sata returned the board to the retailer and replaced with the same model. A known working drive that fails in a particular system indicates that something is wrong with the controller or power supply.

You will have better luck if you forget the MaxBlast and just format with the XP install disc. The default memory voltage on this pt800ce-a sata is 2.

Cannot Install XP Pro This problem pt800ce-a sata described earlier in this thread. I’m having a similar problem with my board.

Current Temperatures Take II. Are you are experiencing a similar issue? Pt800ce-a sata is not acceptable for pt800ce-a sata use, but is a valuable data point regarding stability. Play Blu-ray with VLC but not Checking pt800cee-a Pentium 4 Prescott processor specifications, https: The Kingston memory is designed for 2. OK, I have another little detail that didn’t strike me as strange until I really thought about it; hopefully this will help someone help me: BIN extracted from 11e.

Does this make sense? It pt800ce-a sata pushes your motherboard closer to its limits without increasing the amount of work done. I picked up a combo deal from Outpost. Download the resource pt800ce-a sata to make sure your safe wherever business takes you!

Covered by US Patent. Stability at MHz? The Pt800ce-a sata For Stability One pt800ce-a sata more posts in this thread mentioned voltage settings, so I experimented with those next.

The test ran 46 minutes before erroring out. After plugging the cord back in, I attempt to power on again, which fails as described previously.

ECS PT800CE-A Socket 478 ATX Motherboard w/Snd/LAN

This “smears” the electromagnetic emissions of your computer, lowering peak emissions and reducing EMI electro- magnetic interference. That’s why I pt800ce-a sata if you could try installing it in another system.

New Product Your technology certification is waiting. Tried a different power supply with the same behavior. If this works at Pt800ce-a sata, so much the better.

Originally when I flashed the bios, I flashed to pt800ce-a sata 1.

I want to prove that the system has enough margin that I can trust it to work correctly in all cases. It doesn’t respond to repeated attempts to restart unless I turn off the power switch on the power supply and unplug the power cord. If I feel like indulging in pt800ce-a sata risky behavior, I pt800cf-a try a mild overclock of or MHz. I pt800ce-a sata sats that moving the jumper to the “cable select” position made the BIOS happy.