UnWedge uses a new analysis engine based on Goodman and Shi's block theory, which includes the ability to incorporate induced stress around the excavation and the effect on stability, new strength models such as Barton-Bandis and Power Curve, and the ability to improve the scaling and sizing of wedges. Pressure - support can also be modeled as a uniform pressure, applied anywhere on the boundary. Log in to leave a comment. The new interface is definitely going to be the first thing users notice:

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Popup windows allow for easy entry and modification of model parameters, and easy to use editing tools provide a convenient method for performing parametric studies. What kind of projects will particularly benefit from these enhancements? The program will also try to determine the maximum volume wedge with the trace lengths you define.

For more advanced users, remember to use the Combination Analyzer and the Tunnel Axis Plot - the analysis of multiple orientations used to be manual, now it's automated.

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The user can import or export their own design standards, or add Eurocode 7-based design standards. Specific trials and specific segments of the cross-section can also be plotted with a simple right-click function.

Importing Options UnWedge v4. UnWedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities.

For me, that would reason enough to upgrade - it looks nicer and saves a lot of time. The damaged amplifier was speedily disposed of, but we could not unwedge that box.

Toggle nav Word finder Word definitions unwedge. But in the end, we completely redesigned Unwedge - from both an analysis and interface perspective.

Using block theory, UnWedge determines all possible wedges that can be formed by the intersection of three joint planes and the excavation. I think that the most significant, previously unavailable feature is Integrated Stress Analysis.

The ability to easily input and analyze both the wedge geometry and the tunnel support system - that's a big one.

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Literally How to use a word unwevge literally drives some people nuts. The user can also import properties from other UnWedge models.

What is "unwedge"

This option is available in both deterministic and probabilistic analyses. UnWedge calculates factor of safety and can determine support requirements for projects. I think Clipboard Support is going to prove very helpful - you can generate screen captures for reports very easily, as opposed to the more time consuming method in the older DOS version. So gentlemen, what exactly are the top improvements in Unwedge 3.

A two-dimensional complete plane strain boundary element model has been added to the program to determine stress effects on the stability of the wedges.

Unwedge | Definition of Unwedge by Merriam-Webster

POLEFDN is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of analysis of a pole foundation assuming the use of a rigid round pier which is assumed free at the top and subjected to lateral and vertical loads. How we chose 'justice'. For most tasks in this program, you'll benefit by starting this way. Examine2D is a 2-dimensional plane strain indirect boundary element program for the elastic stress analysis of underground excavations.

The probabilistic analysis can be used to add statistical distributions to variables such as joint orientation, joint strength, support properties, as well as field stress properties. Comments on unwedge What made you want to look up unwedge? Usage examples of "unwedge". UnWedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities.

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