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A track from Valshe's single "Jester", also provided in her first album "Play the Joker".

Give a kiss to this Clown of Temptation Embrace the awaken heat of yours If this feeling of sadness and love is a hindrance, at least now in this oblivion. RIOT [42] July 27, Vaalshe wa haitoku ni yubisashi warau dake Utsurou ni kaeru makuai wo samayoinagara. Izanai no doukeshi ni saa kuchizukete Yuriokoshita netsu wo daite Hodasareta ai kanashimi ga jamasuru nara semete ima wa boukyaku no naka de kimi ni kogarete. Yes, Just Try to follow all above Step.

Jester is the opening song of Jeeter 's otome game titled "Kannou Mukashibanashi". Give a kiss to this drowning Clown Jeste alright if you lie, love me Understanding the fury that was left inside me, without being able to breath, I jedter bubbles and erased my memories of you Izanai no doukeshi ni saa kuchizukete Yuriokoshita netsu wo daite Hodasareta ai kanashimi ga jamasuru nara semete ima wa boukyaku no naka de.

Seija no kamen wo hagi yuugi yuuge made yobihidasu Yoru wo mau rouiro no ito de kakitatete kure. Valuable Sheaves [32] March 24, Aliza Jamess 6 June at This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Lie to You [27] February 4, Wearing the mask of saint, let's call each other until this play ended in evening.

Hi, sorry to bother you but I just want to suggest to you that the 1st sentence of the 1st stanza which goes 'Silently the stage was dancing into Fligia' would sound better like this 'Silently we dance on the stage in Phrygian clothes'. Japanese female pop singers Japanese-language singers Japanese pop musicians Living people births Being Inc.

Jester (English translation)

Storyteller [33] September 23, Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous 30 June at In the beginning of her career as a professional singer, Valshe used to appear as an avatar illustration drawn by Hakuseki with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Give a kiss to the broken Clown And gently, caress this interrupted melody While reciting the end of his happiness, inside the blowing sound of the wind, a Jester was weeping his love.

This Life, is Gorgeous [44] August 22, White Prelude [29] [30] March 14, Retrieved from " https: Butterfly Core [24] November 27, Views Read Edit View history. Posted by Nesi at Valshe debuted as a Niconico singer in Her first appearance as herself is on the cover of her 6th single, " Butterfly Core ".

Anime Lyrics dot Com - jester - VALSHE - Jpop

With the wax colored string that dance the night, arouse me. Play the Joker Artist: LyricOtomateSongTranslationValshe.

Mabataki ga oeru koro ni wa shinjitsu wo utatte Kisokuteki na yume no naka de nani hitotsu mo katarezu ni. Occasionally her songs are made by the composer of Vocaloid calshe, doriko.

She is also known to be good friends with the illustrator of NiconicoHakuseki, who does almost all of the artwork for Valshe's albums and utattemita videos.

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