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Now I can to use it as a webcam and to capture video. It comes with two LED lights on the front. My thanks to the original driver file hackers and six columns for the enforcement hack, putting the two together just extended the life of my various eyetoy cams. If anyone has any solutions, please respond. I found, however, that the stand was too small and didnt adjust enough for me, so i opened up the casing, removed the stand, and put a nut in the casing with a threaded rod and a conector at the bottom so i can mount it on a tripod. Also you will most likely encounter a box that just says “??????? You have to download the 64 bits of this driver if you can’t find it, drop me a line and I’ll upload for you.

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Checked the task manager but nothing using logitech eye toy cam is running. Have my babies please. So more hacking required. Took me a while but it got the job done!

Use your EyeToy as a webcam

Thanks guys works perfectly like an expensive webcam….: Originally I had the same problem as others, not being able change bcdedit. Saved me tons of logitech eye toy. So, it will not let me install the driver, even after it has found the driver, because it feels dangerous, and I cannot bypass it or, at least Logitech eye toy do not know how logjtech I have Windows 8. Finish the download and your Eyetoy will be a fully functional webcam!

PS2 Eyetoy on Windows 8 64 bit – working !!

So, it will not let me install the driver, even after it has found the driver, because pogitech feels dangerous, and I cannot bypass it or, at least I do not know how ….

Did logitech eye toy make this project? Follow the directions logitech eye toy the installation program screen. Use your EyeToy as a webcam for Windows!

Focusing the camera is performed by rotating a ring around the lens. Just a note, it will ask you if you live in a 50hz country.

U rock 4 sure!!! Hats off to you my friend. Try the test eyetoy viewer. Archived from the original on 15 June Thank you very much. Cameo licenses the head logitech eye toy technology Digimask.

Logitech EyeToy USB Camera driver free download for windows – TOSHIBA – EQUIUM A

Thanks man that saves me bying a proper webcam plus the picture qality on this logitech eye toy prabably a lot clearer once again thanks. A driver basically allows your computer to communitcate with other software.

Thank you Maruko, Japan. The file logitech eye toy likely corrupt or the victim of logitech eye toy. For the PlayStation 2 video game series, see EyeToy video game series. Man this thing is the illest it has a mic an everything i love it and it give the best video quality.

It is a great way to c wat ur friends look like wen they get out of bed in the morning.

I need some help… Logitech eye toy I type in either of the commands into the Administrator Command Prompt, I get this message: Fantastic quality thanks alot for tha instructions logitech eye toy r a great help keep up tha gud efforts of helping people out with things like this.

FYI, ligitech Eyetoy is dirt cheap at Kmart stores if you can still find one. Please disable any adblocking software to access these links.

Cameo is a system for allowing players to include their own images as avatars in other games. Have you logitech eye toy the zip file with the driver in it?

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