The glee project s02e10

So the group number is also going to be a little different than usual this week. You're there because you're a misfit. Huh, you gonna mess with my girl? This looks like a lot of words. So really tell them your story.

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I can't wait to see you. They didn't hit what I wanted them to hit. Because you are the person that was driving the car when Ali was injured. I x02e10 it's gonna be really difficult.

Glee Project – S02E11 – Glee-ality | glee : the covers

One more drink oh, yeah Performing for prouect writers tonight is definitely an added pressure. The finale is next week. So, you guys, I think the thing to really keep in mind is, just be yourselves.

He looks like American w I mean, American psycho. What did you think? I'm still standing by Elton John. And it was just really a powerful, powerful scene. No, I know what this is.

Glee Project – S02E11 – Glee-ality

Does anybody else know it? Can't wait to work with you guys. Because sometimes you might have roles that take you projdct emotionally.

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood miss "no way, it's all good" it didn't slow me down as long as I got fame, money, and girls, I will be just fine. I chose you, okay?

Okay, let's bring her out. Okay, so, for me, it was between Michael and Ali. I'm the girl that did this to you.

And each card has an emotion on it. So you're having trouble with me, and then you get comfort from my best friend? And I have to show that I can be more than just big and brassy.

Like, these people can't s02e110 me.

And Blake is the best actor. But it's also gonna really be a chance to see their improvisation skills.

The Glee Project (2011) s02e10 Episode Script

What should we add next? All right, uys, that is a wrap. And we have a lot of performers to get through. Share them privately if needed.

And she, uh, is not. When you're performing numbers, you're always acting a scene, whether you're singing or dancing, no matter what the song is. I wasn't expecting that. And I-I'm you'll all make it, one way or another. Your song ishere's to thee by halestorm.

I've learned more in these last ten weeks than I have in my entire life. And Michael has been the person who's grown the most over the whole competition.

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