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Not only is a fantastic communication tool but it also allows your church to access significant savings on printing and SMS costs. I respect the culture and the act of Lobola. If you want to know about competitions or just catch up in a more personal setting then you might like to receive the mailer. And do you think brands will buy into this and risk the backlash?

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I lose points for having tatts. Any action other than blocking them or the express request of the service associated to the cookie in question, involves providing your consent to their use. Lobola Calculator lets you know the value of your future spouse and how many cows you should receive to administer them throughout your marriage.

While the presser I received simply makes it clear that the Lobola Calculator App developers want some money, I do still wonder about the concept and the app.

I did not develop it to replace the culture in any way. Tech Girl March 25, at Your source of local breaking news and trending stories from across the country. Stuff like that just seems a bit odd you know. Not only is a fantastic communication tool but it also allows your church to access significant savings on printing and SMS costs.

Wondering How Many Cows You’re Worth? There’s An App For That

We are very able to implement it across Africa. Last revision This year.

Check our Privacy Policy. IEB matrics achieve In certain regions of Africa, dowries or lobolas are calculated in cows. Sponsored Finding the perfect venue Sam Wright Sam is the editor and founder of Tech Girl.

With that being said, we are preparing to make some really bold moves and shake things up a bit, have users use local Africa apps so that money generated can circulate here at home. She spends most lovola her time willing her superhero powers to kick in and attempting to convince horses to jump over brightly coloured poles. Ones I do not understand.

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‎The lobola Calculator on the App Store

That's just on Android Playstore without a tablet version. Some people don't like it at all, though but they form about a quarter of the lobpla.

The app is accessible to anyone worldwide who runs on Android.

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This Lobola App Calculates How Many Cows You're Worth

Sam is the editor and founder of Tech Girl. I had this discussion on Monday with some of my African friends, regarding lobola and how the weddings are conducted.

Requirements and additional information:. Author Kopo Robert Matsaneng. So what happens when a software appp, specialising in mobile app development, decides to make this unique traditional experience 'smart'?

Calculate your lobola

Check it out at http: I have gotten quite a great response actually. Mining company gives back.

I developed the app for mainly laughs actually - I think it's a fun exercise and that people who are not part of the culture can get a taste and perhaps want to know qpp about the culture.

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