I friend told me about RM this morning for the first time, i've not trial version yet, but i think i'll buy license pro in in few hours: LCM is an earlier AT5 file format. You have to be careful, that you have the correct rows for latitude and longitude marked. Apart from mackerel there was very little — a few small codling and ling, plus a couple of whiting when I anchored up for while.

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The drift out here was fairly fast, at 1. Lowrance Corrib sample download.

I drdepty know of any units in common use now that are not able to support at least AT5 version 10, although not all units support all AT5 features. Hazards of the Corrib.

Select modify - Type. From Drdepth to Reefmaster 4 years 21 hours ago Next, a shift over to the Halland, which I crdepth quite a while mapping with DrDepth, using separate E run and W run recordings, to try and iron out latency and cone angle effects. Charts for Lowrance HDS.

This might mean that you have to do a bit of surgery on shorelines if you have an open-ended body of water. Lowrance Corrib sample download. Software needed for this method.

The example below shows a small part of a large reef system several miles off Dunbar with a wreck thrown in for good measure. The quality of Google Earth data is a bit variable, but it can work quite nicely, to allow the Drdepth maps to be seen in context.

This way you don't need to go through the extra step of exporting as GPX and reimporting. But i've a great problem an external hard disk crashed and with it most of my.

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Next trip I spent a couple of hours inshore and on the River Garry wreck but had nothing but mackerel Decent drift and water clarity so no excuses other than a lack of fish on the ground. I have a boat which will shortly be going back to moor in Loch Etive and I was going to do some mapping with DrDepth.

I accept cookies from this site Agree. DrDepth basically restores that broad context and helps suggest areas to examine in more detail.

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Another disappointing day, although slightly better than yesterday. Thanks Hubert - good advice! I now use Reefmaster software for generating new charts and am happy to suggest using it as an upgrade to DrDepth a free trial is available.

RM only allows a single shoreline per map and any number of islands. This you could change, if necessary. Drsepth Island 5 Logboat.

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Photo Gallery Lough Corrib from the Air. Yes - but for shoreline and Island files read the manual: Been a lurker here for a while. Fire up your IMC if its not running already, load your 3 shapefiles into it, and build the chart. From Drdepth to Reefmaster 4 years 4 days ago The lake bed inevitably slopes up to it, either sharply, or gently.

DrDepth Software [archive page]

My name is Andrea, i write from Italy, Sardinia exactly! RM will then exclude either everything outside of the polygon drcepth or everything within the polygon island. Can reefmaster utilize the shoreline files to produce an. And make a safe copy of these csv's ; They only will need a little space.

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