As nzs 1801

Oven for Test 2 A circulating air oven having a minimum volume of 0. For the purpose of measuring this clearance— a b the cradle shall be adjusted to the minimum wearing height; and any protective padding shall be removed or allowance shall be made for its thickness. See Note to Clause 3.

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Any unauthorized alterations to helmets, e.

These requirements include the construction and materials of the helmet shell and head harness, mechanical strength of the shell and finish of the helmet.

Attention is drawn to the wide range of head sizes of people in the work force size 50 cm? Retroreflective materials Pedal cycle helmets Methods of testing protective helmets To prevent overvoltages due to switching surges, the initial voltage shall not exceed 30 percent of the full test voltage and shall be increased uniformly to the full voltage in a time not exceeding 30 s.

AS/NZS 1801:1997

An ammeter to measure the leakage current. Wording to the effect that the helmet complies with this Standard. 1081 minimum of 26 cm2 of the markings shall be visible when the helmet is viewed from any angle at the reference plane.

The identity of any reference equipment used to assist in the validation of the test result. Any sample preparation or prior conditioning.

The sweatband shall be replaceable. A reference to this test nzw, i. Sweatband — an accessory to cover at least the inner front surface of the headband to improve wearer 8101. It may be attached either to the shell or the headband.

It is expected the results of this review will be incorporated in the next revision. Helmets with adjustable harnesses shall be tested on the appropriate headform as selected by adjusting the harness to the middle size of the adjustment range.

Where a guided impactor is used, care shall be taken to ensure that the velocity of the striker on impact does not differ by more than 3 percent from the velocity of impact theoretically obtainable in free ass in vacuo at the test location from the specified heights.

All edges shall be smooth 181 radiused and no part of the helmet or helmet accessories shall have sharp protruding edges. A frame suitable for suspending the test specimen in an aqueous solution of sodium chloride.

Standards New Zealand :: Occupational protective helmets

Helmets without adjustable harnesses shall be tested on the appropriate headform. G3 APPARATUS The low carbon steel shock absorption apparatus shown in Figure G1 az fitted with the appropriate wooden headform shall be mounted on a suitable concrete floor so that there is no loss of force of impact due to mechanical nsz.

Cushioning — material to improve wearer comfort but which is not intended to perform the function of protective padding. Where a load cell is used, the test piece is mounted over the load cell with the centres of both aligned. It is important therefore that Standards users ensure that they are in possession of the latest edition, and any amendments thereto. Accordingly, such a method has been reproduced separately as Appendix G to this Standard.

The name of the test laboratory or authority responsible for performing the tests. Follow these links to find nxs Standards similar to the one you are viewing.

Reference to the test method, i. Any current leakage or evidence of material breakdown. The remainder of the headband shall be not less than 12 mm in width.

The measuring apparatus used i. The full test voltage shall be maintained for not less than 60 s, during which time the leakage current shall be measured to an accuracy of 0.

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Shell — the material that provides the general outer form of the helmet. The headform shall be mounted vertically on a rigid monolithic base of either — a b concrete having a mass of at least kg and a height of at least 0. When safety matters most When lives depend on the safety of a product or service, a BSI Benchmark will deliver real peace of mind. The burner shall be placed under the free end of the specimen so that the top of the flame just touches the bottom of the free end of the specimen.

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