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How to Load DuraLabel Bronco. The printer may also print out the next label that you were waiting for. Let go of the button during the green blinks. The user-friendly design makes it simple to change supplies and ribbons as well as perform routine maintenance with nothing more than a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol ensuring years of trouble-free use. Click the Calibrate button to have Toro feed some of the label stock through and re-adjust its internal sensors. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward through the wide-open part of the printer, up across the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller.

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You should hear a click from each side, near the green tabs, as the latches catch.

Look at the label stock that graphic products duralabel pro 300 loaded, in the back of the printer. If the same thing happens again, then please contact our support team for help.

The printer is not seeing that mark or grapic — possibly, not even looking for it. Wait about five seconds, and turn the printer on again.

DuraLabel Tape Guide Installation. After the label is cut, the light will change to solid green. Graphic products duralabel pro 300 will see a message in red noting that this is for DuraSuite only.

The printer may also print out the labels that you were waiting for. Apply the changes, reopen your label program and your label design, and try printing again.

DuraLabel PRO 300

If no click is heard, remove the cartridge entirely, and make sure that there is no foreign material in the system or on duralabe underside of the cartridge. Loading Supply in the DuraLabel Toro.

Under Supply Calibrationmake sure that the selection matches the type of label stock in the printer: The printer is not yet ready to print.

Support by Printer Find everything you need. Close or minimize DuraSuite so that you graphic products duralabel pro 300 see your Windows desktop. Any jobs in the graphic products duralabel pro 300 will be re-sent, and may print out correctly. These are the default settings for this printer. Turn the ribbon rewind knob on the cartridge counter-clockwise a full rotation or so. If you are using a Mobile Print Stationgo through the “Programs” menu in the main screen toolbar and select “Printer Panel.

There may even be no printing ribbon loaded. The light will flash briefly, then blink in a pattern: Keep holding the button, and watch the light on top of the printer. The light will turn off and then come back on again, going to solid green.

Graphic Products is based grapnic the United States, so our systems use US Customary measurements by default — however, it is easy to change the defaults measurements to Metric. If the error returns, please contact our support team for help. Then, turn off the printer, give it a few seconds, and turn it on again.

Get in touch with ISS for more information graphic products duralabel pro 300 these options by calling today. Proxucts should be set to Thermal Transfer. The ribbon may not be feeding onto its take-up roll correctly, or graphic products duralabel pro 300 printer may simply be following incorrect instructions.

These differences can be found under the cover, by removing the 6 hood screws, where the creators of the DuraLabel Pro hoped you would never look.

Printer Support – Drivers, Manuals & more | Graphic Products

Turn off the printer using the switch in the back, near the black power cord. This happens most often with below-freezing temperatures; allow the system to reach normal temperatures, and try again. Request Support Send Us an Email Our fast response time ensures conversation within one business day.

Customized software Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software. Click the Graphic products duralabel pro 300 Error button on the error message to clear the error and retry the print job.