Codesmith generator 6.5.2

Performance Enhancements Many more minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Added a splash screen to the stand alone template editor. Fixed a bug where calling the Save method on MapCollection was not ensuring that the directory was created before saving the file to an invalid file path. Added additional information to the Intellisense Parameter Information.

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CurrentDirectory wasn't being set to the current template directory during Generation which broke backwards compatibility in some templates. Performance Enhancements Fixed a large number of performance related bugs dealing with initializing Template Editor documents. Added bracket matching functionality to the Template Editor. Fixed a bug where tabs inside of Template Editor did not properly display the files read-only status.

Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException would occur when text was selected during a go to definition operation. Fixed a bug where multiple licenses would not be deactivated during deactivation. Removed unused dependencies like SQLite and Zip support. The CodeTemplate ResponseEncoding attribute has been depreciated as it doesn't make sense to have two encoding attributes.

Fixed a bug where the Editors' font colors were unreadable. Double clicking template inside of codesmith explorer in VS will now open the file for editing.

Fixed a bug where the Properties tool window would be reset when switching between tool windows. Fixed an issue where the Error Window would be out of date when switching between templates. Added file extension mapping for the following file types: Added colored tabs to identify generated content. Updated the Visual Studio Build Template button to force a recompile of the template. If you find any other issues with VS, please let us know. Please note that we are working on a native metro theme for the Template Editor that will resolve the theming issues below.

Fixed a bug where the Template Explorer create new text file menu item didn't work.

CodeSmith Generator Releases

This allows for the ability to be notified when all template properties have been saved or loaded. Usability Enhancements Improved the error message that is shown when templates are using assemblies that are compiled against old versions of CodeSmith Generqtor. Added Syntax Highlighting for the following Languages: Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException would be thrown while pressing generate on a non generated code document. Fixed a bug when setting a CodeSmith Project to "Generate on Build" would need to be set 2 or more times.

CodeSmith Generator Releases

Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where a StackOverflowException generaator occur with any template that was recursively called. Fixed a bug where Quick Info and IntelliPrompt fonts were displayed incorrectly. Many more minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Many other small improvements and bug fixes. New gsnerator property serializer that will enable serialization of just about any object and not require custom property serializers to be written.

Added an option to the toolbar in CodeSmith Studio to add a new blank template. Performance Enhancements Many more minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Added IntelliSense support for the new C 5.

Fixed a rare bug where an Exception might be thrown when starting up CodeSmith. Fixed a bug where the CommandResultSchema. Added a standalone Template Editor application.

ToSingular now use merged coedsmith MapCollection. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the Environment. Helps with exclusive checkouts.

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