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Cons Standardised GUI can cause some confusion. I still get great compression sounds, but I tend not to put low end through it at the moment. There is standard compressor diagram and an frequency graph for the EQ. The faster computers get, the more complex the plug-ins become and the more of them we run on our machines. One of the major problems with the UAD-1 and PowerCore products has always been their latency – this can make live playing of synth patches impossible if you have one of their plug-ins inserted into the same track.

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Scarlett 18i8 [2nd Gen]. But I have to add my own experiences of numerous compatibility problems with Logic Pro, and when I did finally get it running correctly, albeit with very limited instances, I couldn’t notice focusrite liquid mix single difference among any of the compressors. This goes on until we start to be hindered by slowdowns, crashes and so many frozen tracks that it becomes almost impossible to turn a beloved eight-bar loop into a complete song. Firewire may not have been the best choice of interface.

I wouldn’t necessarily count on it, but realize that different systems and different ears produce different results. That did it for me. I haven’t used the EQs focusrite liquid mix much as I find that they are slow to use when I want to work out if something is going to sound good or not.

Focusrite liquid mix UAD plugs gave an idea of what to expect from the hardware and were most helpful in that respect.

By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. What’s more, it ‘only’ offers compression and EQ, luquid when you consider that these are 60 convolution-based recreations of some of the focusrite liquid mix outboard units in recording history, this is clearly more of a feature than a limitation.

Focusrite Liquid Mix review | MusicRadar

Well, to say it’s sublime is no overstatement. The controller focusrite liquid mix basically has access to every feature that liqudi software end of the interface does.

But with Free mode engaged you can select any ratio, threshold, etc. The interface for this part of the VST screen is a bit slow as well.

Focusrite Liquid Mix 32

Firstly, although the compressor has a separate side-chain EQ which is great and can be placed pre or post EQ, it would be nice to be able to put 2 EQ bands for filters before focusrite liquid mix compressor, then focusrite liquid mix the compressor with the rest of the EQ.

Although I have never used a real Distressor the Liquid Mix has certainly improved the sound of my drums adding punch and linearity. I would also suggest you download the extra emulations and updates that Focusrite have released. Scarlett 18i20 [1st Gen].

Image 1 of 3 The Liquid Mix hardware is desktop-friendly. To get the most from them, it will probably help to research what gear the pros use in the top studios, as the focusrite liquid mix hardware products tend to be associated with a specific task or a characteristic sound.


You get focusrite liquid mix lkquid 32 plugins at The metering seems to work well onscreen as well as it is much faster than the LEDs on the unit itself however, these are cool to look at, especially if you don’t focusrite liquid mix many other flashy light things in your studio!

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This article explains the steps necessary to safely plug in and unplug your FireWire devices without causing damage to fpcusrite device or your computer. The emulations are the same for both Mac and Windows users, but you focusrite liquid mix run the installer for your particular platform.

However, again, the emulations I have used have added a nice sheen to the sound that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve with the focusrite liquid mix in Cubase EQs.

Liquid Mix Emulations But what of the most important feature of the Liquid Mix – its sound?

However focusrjte niggle I still haven’t been able to get the LiquidMix working on ProTools despite repeated calls and emails between myself and the technical and sales department at Focusrite, that on the face of it were very helpful but didn’t explain why I don’t have the relevant files for it to work focusrite liquid mix ProTools on my Mac hard drive in the relevant placeā€¦ However I seem to be the only person they lisuid of that has this problem?

No phasing problems are good, but given the bang for buck I suppose there is liable to be something a bit weird. Scarlett focusrite liquid mix [2nd Focusrite liquid mix. It also has flashy lights, which are cool and therefore make it worth the money I paid for it! However focusrite liquid mix is not the end of the world. Our Verdict Great concept, with superb sound and implementation. This problem is reported on the Focusrite site at occurring below around Hz I focuusritealthough for the life of me I can’t find the relevant web page at the moment.

Image 2 of liuid Real hardware names aren’t used here.