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Socket V4 V5 revised server. Netpas Distance is an application designed to offer you a simple and fast means of obtaining travel distances and routes between ports that are located all over the world. Now we might be updating Distance server. Internet is required for running the Netpas Distance. If you have signed in with different ID, please sign out and sign in with correct ID.

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Netpas Distance supports Coordinates to Coordinates distance. I have problem registering my License Key.

Netpas Distance FAQ

Please check follows in your PC and server with your IT manager. Can draw by clicking left mouse To finish Free Route, click on the right mouse button. Please check it in your PC. In this case, please ask your IT department to check followings. In this case, you have signed in with different user ID with Netpas program.

Please check your Internet security level at the option menu of web browser If the security level is set on the highest level, License Key will not be registered Please, degrade the security level to register your License Key. When commercial user gets "Daily limit error message", it means you have not registered your License Key.

Packets include decrypted binaries. If you need more vessels, please distancr sales netpas.

Newly applied North American ECA

Now we might be updating Distance server. As the size of letters are shown abnormally big or ntpas buttons is not seen on the table.

In case of using Socks V4 or V5 in your Proxy server, your setting should be as below instruction then the program can work normally in Distance 3. In "Option" menu, move to the "Network" tab.

In dietance cases, this error happens with your firewall.

Download Free Netpas Distance, Netpas Distance Build Download

Daily Limit of Get Distance. Why do I get different distance information compare? If you get wrong distance compare to the last, please download up to date version of the Netpas Distance and ddistance it again. Date, Time, Language and Regional options. In closing, Netpas Distance is a rather unique application that does a great job in providing accurate help with vessel routes.

Then the month in calendar tab is displaying the unrecognized broken letter as below picture. Netpas Distance was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila. Bad request caused by bad internet connection and Server updating error. After restarting Netpas Distance, you can use new ports. It supports over netppas thousand ports and enables you to create your own entpas which you can then edit with the use of just your mouse.

Please visit and register your license key we have issued to you. Commercial user has "up to Times" of daily limit.

It offers data about port, speed, current, distance, time, ETA arrival time and more. For commercial user, we issue license key. There are several ways to check validity of license one from website and other from programs.

You can input any position on the sea and get every distance. If your number format is set as If you cannot see this page, your ISP may be blocking it. If your company is using Proxy server, please set proxy in Netpas software.

Please dietance at the sample picture below.

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