Project igi mission 3 military airbase

If you have gone back to the corner they stop inside the gate behind the fence. Go in, up the elevator, kill the other sniper and collect two shiny new Dragunovs. If the guard in front of the small garage didn't come screaming, walk up to the fence and shoot him from outside the fence. Go down the ladder and through the gap in the wall.

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There's a good chance that one or two more guards will come at you from the Security Building. Pick up medikit on table walk out to both balconies and collect Dragunov ammo.

Now go up the tower and use the Dragunov and binoculars to first destroy the camera on the brown two-storey building and then anyone else blocking your path to that building.

Project IGI Mission 3 (Military Airbase) - video dailymotion

Now run towards the airfield and snipe the guy in the tower to your right, then shoot the two cameras - top camera first. The next guard might get alerted. Now go into the building and through the red door to your left. One of them is in the watertower and the two other are at the two balconies of prkject Guard HQ.

The snipers are really annoying and I've found it much easier to finish the level if they are killed as soon as possible. Climb the ladder and walk up to the door. rpoject

Kill the guy 33 front, then move next to the chain-link fence and shoot the enemy in front of the garage. Sign In Don't have an account? Move around the truck and get another in front of the EXIT door. If you're too close to the gate they will run out and start firing at you.

Keep following the wall of the building to your right until you come to the door.

One or two guards can have been alerted and then started to run towards you. Take him out when he comes yelling. When finished with the dome people continue down to the base. Climb down from watertower, go to the corner of the house.

He's not facing your way, so you can take your time and take him out with the Dragunov. Check map and shoot guard patrolling around the small warehouse in the back if you didn't snipe him. Head towards the sunken building and use the keypad to the left of the door.

Project IGI 1 Walkthrough Mission 3 - Military Airbase

Make your way down so that you end up unseen behind the corner of the wall close to the main ;roject see screenshot.

Enter milutary guard's HQ no guards left there If he isn't alerted, ugi your map to see when he has started walk away from you. The next sniper is on the other balcony of the guard's HQ. There's one guy who patrols around the Power Building, and if he's to the right of that building when you kill him, a security camera will spot his body and sound the alarm. Then run back to the corner again, since the guard behind the truck probably will be alerted if he's still alive.

You start close to the radar dome. Go out through the main gate and back around the corner. Go the long way around the building, so you pass the closed front door, and use your Dragunov to take out the three guards.

Project I.G.I.: Im Going In (PC) - (Mission 3 - Military Airbase | Hard Difficulty | Part 1 of 2)

If the guard in front of the small garage didn't come screaming, airbse up to the fence and shoot him from outside the fence. Hug the building to your right and kill the guy who's either in front of you or to your left. Open the door, go up the ladder, and out the second EXIT door. There are three snipers in this level. Use the keypad in the booth then go into the building behind you and fight your way to the tower.

Go out through the door, into the next room.

When the guard at the HQ is down return to the compound through the main gate.

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