Kwetu pazuri

Selina Anyanzwa Still listening. Balacka Lwila Brian King mungu akubaliki. Jenifer Christopher Nice Christ Ambassadors Choir - Ni Vema. Raja Airtel Wanaweza sana hawa nawakubali vibaya.

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Raja Airtel Wanaweza sana hawa nawakubali vibaya.

Rose Pwzuri - Nakaza Mwendo. Esther Achieng Mowdays idont see this Lady soloist in ambassador of Christ choir. Chris Okumu Me am blessed. Hannington Taabu Good song. Clement George dah nimemic hm. Pazuro safisha When I listen this song I remember my,momy,Rest in peace. Can They Beat a Pro?? This song reminds me of my mum My the father Lord Jesus reward you all. Beni Matthieu N'guessan Dieu vous aime jaime trop ce groupe vraiment jesus est glorifier.

Mowdays idont see this Lady soloist in ambassador of Christ choir.

Kwetu Pazuri - Ambassadors of Christ Choir

May God bless you abundantly dear ambassadors of Christ! Sandrine Zadana This song is so soul touching. Emmah Mkhala i can like this song a hundred times without being tired Julitha Njau Mmbarike sana Ambssado Kwaya. Seth Mwilongo am here kwdtu is same like those years.

Orwa Linnet U people u r really ambassadors of xrist. Now with English subtitles. Amateurs vs One-Handed Chef! Aswile fredy Wimb mzr.

Recap (Photos) : The Biggest Choir Event Featuring Christ Ambassadors (Kwetu Pazuri)

Enitan Adaba - Imela. I nee treatmentPendo Mandella Domperidone Azithromycin May u live to see God's goodness. Trippie Redd - Whats My Name?

Priscilla Lengima I still love this song up to today Oct Mwangaza Annie This song makes me cry all time I listens to it. Selina Anyanzwa Still listening. Niko nahamu yakukaha na mokozi wangu. Was she among the members who were involved in the accident or she left the choir.

Stephen Haule naupenda wimbo safiiiiii. Neema Mwaipopo Tupate Mtu Wapi. What happened to the lady who is leading the song? John Chirchir One of top all time favourites, keeps us consistent on where home is!

Gabriel Benson Nice gosp like injili.

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