Koi chupke se aake geeta dutt

Due to Amar's hectic work schedule, the couple did not have children, as there was no time for intimacy. Too short a lifespan for a nightingale". Geeta Dutt and her versatile voice are remembered on her death anniversary, which was on July While Shashi leaves, Amar sees him talking with his wife. Guru was a strict disciplinarian on the sets, but was the opposite in personal life; he was a chain smoker and drank a lot.

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She ignored rehearsals and recordings, neglected her riyaz and took to drinking. Views Read Edit View history.

Burman, Avinash Vyas, Bulo C. Amar leaves the house without saying anything and asks Shashi to resign, though Shashi already has written his resignation letter because he sees himself as a reason kki upheaval in their lives. Retrieved from " https: They spent the first three years blissfully.

She emerged as the new singing sensation, and Geeta found herself relegated to the second position. But she continued to drink, which eventually took its toll and she died on July 20,of cirrhosis of the liver.

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Then suddenly, she found her supremacy being challenged by another teenager, Lata Mangeshkar. Printable version Jan 4, 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Due to Amar's hectic work schedule, the couple geetw not have children, as there was no time for intimacy. It was on its sets that Geeta aaoe Guru met and fell in love. His death shattered Geeta. They married in May, Though ostensibly they continued to live together, they had started drifting apart.

That year, she sang for cjupke reputed music composers as well, such as S. That hurt Guru no end and he asked her to sing only for his movies. Raj Kanwar July 23, A few busybodies insinuated that Dutt had married Geeta for money. She loved having people kol, our friends used to stay over and she would cook and look after everyone.

Geeta Dutt and her versatile voice are remembered on her death anniversary, which was on July Amid the personal problems was born their third child, Nina, in After reaching home, Amar tries to tell Meeta, but she circumlocutes in an amusing manner and says that she has understood and tells him that she has understood that he has understood.

Geeta Dutt - Koi Chupke Se Aake (From "Anubhav") | Play for free on Anghami

Both began neglecting their respective careers. Geeta and Guru Dutt. Her 43 death anniversary was observed on July Her popularity scaled newer heights in and geea, eclipsing Shamshad Begum and Raj Kumari, who then ruled the roost. Today, 68 years after that song had captured the imagination of music lovers and 43 years since her death inthree generations of her die-hard fans still fondly remember her and her melodious voice continues to mesmerise them.

Hangaland decides to run the household on her own.

Kanu Roy Gulzar lyrics. Geeta as a top playback singer in made more money than Guru Dutt, who was struggling to make his mark as a director. Some brushed aside these insinuations. July 23, Knowing this, Amar says that "the past kio between us only when we aren't able to live the present completely". She loved her children.

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