Hay naku pusoy nalilito

He is enraged and continues to beat her. Esperanza takes some saliva from Marimar using a cotton swab and places it in a plastic bag. Angelika tells her that it is Sergio she wants and not the older Santibanez. Unable to know what is going on inside the house, Gustavo feels quite helpless.

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Esperanza enters and takes some hair strands from the brush and places it in a plastic bag. But Marimar hesitates stating that he knows Natalia to be his daughter. When Innocencia asks, she declares that it is Senor Gustavo. With a wave to Cruzita Sergio goes to his car.

Monica quickly tells Angelika not to do that in fear that Renato may send her to jail, just as he did to Marimar not so long ago. Angelika tells her that it is Sergio she wants and not the older Santibanez. She wants her daughter to get an education.

Grrrrr…how short-term his memory is indeed At one of the bedrooms of the Aldama mansion, a doctor checks on Bella and declares her to be out of danger. The gambling doctor demands for more money from Angelika stating he put his profession and credibility on the line when he agreed to connive with her.

He forgets everything about Kim as he gets up and leaves the restaurant. He wants to talk to her about what happened. Fulgoso barks at her as Cruzita begins to cry. You can do it. You look nslilito Lupita.

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Siguro lusoy ka kung sino ako no? I said back than that I am the happiest child because at last, my family is complete. He tells Kim naou — that she did all this not really to have any business venture but more to for the sole purpose of winning over Sergio. What if she fell? Gustavo and Esperanza are both hesitant to leave Gay and Cruzita hah Natalia looks scary and could very well puspy what she threatens to do so they have no choice but to play along.

Natalia is alone in what appears to be a stockroom of sorts and of course, in her demented mind, her elder sister is with her. Mas gugustuhin pa niyang mamatay ako kaysa mapunta ako sa ibang lalaki.

Esperanza takes some saliva from Marimar using a cotton swab and places it in a plastic bag. Rencontre Cougar if you came to my website you can download files here very easy.

Anong ginagawa mo sa anak ko!

She adds that Senor Gustavo is a very kind and compassionate man. Hindi sapat ang sahod mo malilito magpalaki ng isang bata. Gustavo clarifies using Bella as earlier Natalia exclaims she is afraid of the young mother.

Gustavo adds that Natalia has the necklace which he had given his daughter.

He is enraged and continues to beat her. He puts the ring on her fingers as he tells her she puzoy beautiful hands, hands that pusly nice and expensive things.

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The cute baby smiles at her mother. She insists that she is the Marimar Sanchez has been looking for but the naliliot investigator told her outright that he had checked on her background already and knows that she is not Marimar. Gustavo tells his cousin how peaceful he feels when he is with Bella. But you look so overdressed. Wala na nga siyang phsoy tapos pati ako mawawala pa sa kanya? She suggests to have both girls tested for DNA.

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