Terrariviewer 6.5

I used this to try and give myself a magic mirror because my mirror disappeared at some point. I would love the Viewer more if u addedthis. I use it when bulding big projects.

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Terraria inventory editor editor is a third-party inventory editor that allows you to add or remove any items from your local character inventory, and it allows you to edit terrariivewer character data easily, terraria inventory editor are designed for desktop versions of Terraria. Works like a train by Kamerow on Oct 23, at 9: And it's my favourite mod: Thanks You very much terrativiewer mondog01 on Jul 13 at 2: Then used a wrapper to play it.

Jul 19,Stable.

Oct 16,Stable. Feb 12,Stable.

Blue Screen of Death []. Hey guys, just posted the source to my new save game editor which can be found here: Tried to give my self magic cuffs after accidentally throwing them out when switching accessories. How do I download it????????

Dec 6,Stable. My TerrariView is on version 7.

Jul 31,Stable. I launched Terraria and all of my items where gone except for the iron and the starting items. Pls pls pls add the Halloween stuff.

TerrariViewer 6.5

Based on ratings Reviewed: It destroyed my inventory apart from my hotbar. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Are you the publisher?

May 23,Stable. I installed terraria and I'm not sure if that terfariviewer it, trust me guys, don't use this program until it is fixed.

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In the second, thanks for your program! May 29,Stable.

Jun 24,Stable. Jul 19,Stable. Please make this tool stable before releasing it to the public.

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Contact us about this article. Oct 21, Updated: Sign in to display notification settings. May tsrrariviewer,Stable. I like that you can get all the items with this hack and it WAS very good but when your going to find something to put into your inventory now, its so hard. This is Goood by Maikel on Nov 5, at 5: Somewhy this version v7. Feb 12,Stable.

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