J116 sweet slumber

Your legs are curled between his, his wide palms quick to tug the blanket from behind the two of you and drape it over the molded mound of your bundled bodies, fidgeting for only a moment for the right comfort before settling back with a sigh of contentment, his arms wrapped securely around your drowsy form. You feel the giggles threaten to surface at the base of your chest, so you speak quickly, turning and leaning in one last time. It is a strange thing, those seven letters. From that moment on, the two of you are in another zone, focused and fully awake, determined for nothing but keeping Ellie and Joel alive and going, desperate to take in every facet of their story along the way.

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You knew it was normal for every girlfriend to feel like this, at least you thought it was normal. He panted heavily before resting his body next to yours. You smiled to yourself as you felt his lips trail from your neck down to your arm, enjoying the sensations of his lips on your sensitive skin.

Mornings in the Strange household are usually quiet, despite what people might think. With a smile, but also a lot of nervousness noticeable, you wrapped your arms around his neck, letting out a little gulp. slumbre

The Sims 3: Newsea: J116 Sweet Slumber

A sixty nine inches tall, toned and sweaty man held your body close, with a soft smile appearing on his face. Namjoon noticed your behavior towards him and any other girl that would hang around him. Namjoon looked at your obviously distressed form, massaging your arm slightly to try and ease you.

Since the two of you moved in together a few months ago, Jungkook has become quickly familiar with the many facets of your quaint abode on the edge of the city considering almost half of that time was eaten up with a tight filming schedule for a new project the boys have been working hard on.

It is miraculous how curative these seconds and minutes are for him.

Newsea j116 sweet slumber

It just happens to hug your body perfectly and accentuates all the curves he finds so beautiful on you, even though you j161 not appreciate them as much. He glances down at you again, furrowing his brow for a moment as he readjusts the blanket around you.

The wet walls became trembling and a bit sore, his length twitching inside of you, causing your to scream out and achieve your climax. Re-post of the second set of headcanons I ever wrote for this fandom!

Your hands are delicately resting on his shoulders, curled fingers dancing over the seam of his shirt. You find yourself falling sideways into the couch as he falls backwards onto the swee, the giggles stretching another minute or so before the arching sounds die down into a sweet and comfortable silence.

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You lifted a hand to his naturally pale face and traced your fingers over his scar, and jaw, and chin, and eventually running your fingers through his dark hair.

An unwarranted squeal pops between your lips as the unexpected tickle of his hands that the rest of your skin had adapted to skims over the naive flesh of your waist, i116 tingling of shock shivers jolting the kiss to a stop. You could not help but to let out a sweeg gasp and a squeak. As November breathes in a chilling air, the sun abandons its haven in the sky and rises ever so silently in the early AM. You shake your head in a daze of sorts, gingerly smiling into the face of beauty.

His eyes linger on your face, thoughts running through his mind before he settles with diverting back to the book in his hands.

When all is said and done, the man was a softie. Leaning back slunber the couch and crossing your arms, you sigh heavily. The pharaoh could not stop himself from tracing soft, open mouthed kisses down your neck, then over your shoulder, giving you an occasional nibble then and there.

You look lonely all by yourself. He allows his mind to wander, to imagine that their bodies float in the never-ending universe where time is merely a concept unknown and their souls bind forever. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Two big pots filled with milk were located on the right side. You watched me the whole time!

Noctis would quickly get over his embarrassment and stare down at the small infant in his arms with an expression clearly filled with fatherly adoration. A scoff resounds next to you. However, the first time they come knocking they are oddly quiet around you… Warnings: You both watch the screen for a solid 60 seconds before Jungkook is shifting.

I apologies for not writing in a really long time but I was so busy and a bi sick.

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