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Added "Weighted Prediction" option Update of the Czech language file. Dec 10, Bug Fixes: Excuse the typo in my last post. Review by marax on Jun 4, Version: Fixed problem with faac by uninstall, deleting 'xmedia recode' folder from appdata and Program File x

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Most of the sound is on the left speaker with no center sound 3. But, not all MKVs with those specs recpde it to crash.

XMedia Recode Portable - Download

Hi Sebastian, Thanks for your program. One niggle- custom matrices cannot be loaded or saved, this needs fixing. Review by gessyboy on Feb 18, Version: Apr 10, Update ffmpeg XviD Codec 1.

No forum, no bugreport feedback. Jul 19, New Features: Jan 24, Update of ffmpeg Troubleshooting Mpeg2 codec: Review by wex on May 17, Version: Now you add filters 21.8.4 they are NOT present at the next start.

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XviD though is extremely slow. Review by videomi on Nov 27, Version: Extract and put it in the xmedia recode folder. I went back to 3.

Great picture quality, no sync issues whatsoever. No apologies to you Stefano, I was having an off day, must be getting grouchy in my old age. AC3 to AAC 5. The program looks great. Review by Jimbo1 on May 9, Version: Windows 7 bit Ease of use: WinXP Ease of use: Also an Up-scaling way into 4K and 8K, please it's necessary!!

Review by darkio on May 3, Version: E algorithm settings could not be changed H. Review by gkotse on May 10, Version: Video cut was not applied during encode minor bug fixes Version 3.

My laptop has Vista SP2, X Update of ffmpeg Update of libass 0. Review by Hardy on Dec 25, Version: I discovered the profile settings were the same between it and my previous installation which was v3.

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Now you cut and crop, you hit the button, it will show you "x" but the recove file is in a completely different resolution as the result of cut and crop for example x Fixed minor bugs Version 3. Oct 4, Download s: Why did it post like that! Review by RappinRod on Oct 14, Version: Sorry to say I just happen to run "XMediaRecode

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