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These things can crash often, and especially if you do workarounds. I tried ME once, and had it been more secure from viruses and spyware, I think it would have been more successful, I did like the interface, but it didn’t take long for my system to get compromised. Heres a link to it. Corwin, a number of users have to my surprise and pleasure all contributed to this ongoing question. Win 98 provides that control. If you have futher notes on this I would appreciate it if you would post.

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Dimfnsion you can unpack it and then try to update your driver and go to the SE folder and select the smwdmCH4. I don’t recommend that though because you’ll be missing power-management features if you do.

Win 98 provides that control. Sorry if I am not understanding your post properly, but surely you can just use the Windows XP machines as Novell clients, the same as the Win98 machines?

Maybe there is a number on the motherboard itself. Of course, you should.

Dimension Windows 98 drivers | Dell driver download

These things can crash often, and especially if you do workarounds. But, maybe it can help others who happen to have this issue. I dont have a happy solution; all I have learned so far ddell I need to get more familiar with it. How would a PCI card help in this scenario?

There are many important bits of standard networking protocol missing, and although a genuine Novell client does supply all these for Win98, and XP pro, Novell by fiat from Microsoft, will not do so for XP home So the best we could do is standardise on one supplier, but as you will well know, the hardware changes from one year to another make this perfectly pointless as well.

The dell dimension 2400 windows 98 video will now work as a generic PCI video card dell dimension 2400 windows 98 memory conflicts. Help with troubleshooting Windows Operating System.

Thanks everyone for the posts – I’m rather surprised at the amount of interest it has generated, but thinking about it, most IT managers are facing this problem of upgrades all the time.

Since no one else has any manners here- a belated Welcome to Techspot gbhall! Support for WIN98 is evaporating, you client will need to upgrade sooner or later. With a little searching, I was also able to find a Broadcom driver.

Trying to find Win98se drivers for Dell Dimension 2400

XP was definitely a huge leap forward! Try the Dell one.

When asked to browse to the file, select the smwdm. Roaming profiles, domain controlled setup, etc will not be available, and if I recall correctly there are some conditions in which the net share won’t be available.

I want to install windows 98 on Dell Dimension 2400 But cant find drivers.

But just for the record, here are mobo numbers that were requested: I have installed windows 98se but it does not like the display adapter conflicts. You have done so many dell dimension 2400 windows 98 related actions maybe a fresh install would be an option if you run into a wall with this.

Install the Broadcom drivers from www. At our college we using windows xp and novel very dimensikn but I do understand having apples to apples systems, much easier to support.

What is Dell planning to do about this: All times are GMT Its a dell dimension 2400 windows 98 in the ass but it can certainly be done. Already have an account?

Running windows 98se on new dimension – Dell Community

I want to thank everyone for the suggestions and patience!! I like the fact that this is an Intel chipset, and using the Intel chipset drivers causes the hardware layer to ALL be re-evaluated. Downgrading Vista to XP, drivers?