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The ZEN Micro was released on November 12, , [17] and is a microdrive player available in 10 colors. I have tried all setting for sensitivity. Use the Email associated with order. Experienced Zen users might be disappointed with some tweaks to menu functionality, and others might wear out their thumbs acclimating to the Touch Pad. Half the time it will not register with the computer, and if it does register when plugged in, it often will not connect transfer songs. Unfortunately, the Zen Touch will not show up as a drive in Windows, so you’ll have to use the included Nomad Explorer software to transfer personal data files. It was my back-up system, and when a hard drive failed, everything was lost.

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Creative Zen Touch 40 GB Audio Player | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The volume control electronically raises or lowers the volume level from 0 to Unlike on the iPod, these playlists can be named. There are some microscratches and one large one on the plastic screen.

Overall for the sole purpose of music it is a great buy, creative zen touch 40gb you are looking for something with a video option, you may need to look elsewhere. Built to hold 16, songs with Despite its small form size, the player has a full range of features including FM radio, photo and video playback, built-in microphone as well as a microSD slot to expand your music and photo library on the player.

The battery is also charged when connected to your computer via the USB cable. It sounds nice, at least on par with the Vision: If you wish, you can employ a four-band custom parametric equalizer with eight presets to fine-tune your audio.

Accessories for creative zen touch 40gb ZEN Micro include matching color speakers, wireless headsets and a wired remote control. The ZEN, however, has ceeative magnesium back-casing and the battery is unremovable.

Creative Zen The good thing is creative zen touch 40gb it stores allot of music and the battery last a long time; more than most MP3 competitors.

Yet its overall look and feel is balanced, ergonomic, and durable–much like its second cousin, the Dell DJ. It supports Bluetooth 2. It is the perfect travel companion creative zen touch 40gb any trip. Asian models of 40tb Limited Edition included the extra battery and a wired remote control. At Crutchfield, you’ll get detailed, accurate information that’s hard to find elsewhere.

We have changed the rating in this review to crearive recent changes in our rating scale.

Creative Zen Touch 40 GB Audio Player

There are some features of the ZEN Vision which require compatibility with certain operating systems, e. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Delivery time for standard shipping to any of the 50 U.

Compare These Cowon Plenue 1. This is not a complaint about the Zen Touch – just a reminder to research technical support, upgrades, etc.

The OK button then activates the function highlighted. It was my back-up system, and when a hard drive failed, everything was lost. The creative zen touch 40gb 35, units shipped worldwide were packaged as a “Limited Edition” package that came with an additional rechargeable battery. The ZEN Vision also supports toucu optional infrared remote.

Creative Zen Touch 40GB Digital Audio Player overview

Like the ZEN Vision: I tojch it in a drawer for almost 2 years until Creative zen touch 40gb read about a CF card mod and tried it out. This high-speed connection allows you to load songs at a rate of approximately one song per second. Your Connect ID is The battery life is rated at 32 hours for music and 4 hours for video.

These two products had been featured in an houch number of television commercials, print ads, and urban billboards.

Its also black and white, so creative zen touch 40gb look for anything too fancy. The bad points are you can’t watch the movies on here, also when I want to play it in chronological order it always reverts to random order.