Apexdc++ 1.4.3

Some input boxes made multiline in settings Change: Startup issues introduced in 1. Workaround for incorrectly escaped percent signs in user input Change:

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A few tweaks and fixes we forgot about Removed: Removed OpenCandy integration from setup no offers on installation. Checking auto-connect in Favourites Fix: Updated to a more recent version of WTL and boost libraries Change: Installer now creates Settings directory if dcppboot.

I hate self gratifying posts like these Moogle Well-Known Member Jun 30, Connection speed sorting in Userlist and Search was incorrect Fix: IPGuard patches more selective about what can and can't be blocked, ie. Hey DJNgoma, Thanks for the response, i have edited the guide, again, made it easier to understand etc. Lowercase magnet links when clicked Fix: Reverted an invalid fix regarding magnet links Fix: Returned country flags by slawekebi from 1.

Match Downloaded Lists Matches lists you have downloaded for files that are the same Refresh File List Cntrl - E Used while hashing, or after hashing a new file to your share.

Fewer options now require restart to take effect Change: About box thanks updated. Rare PM crash Fix: Can no longer Browse Filelist when a user is hiding their share thanks iceman50 Change: Some asserts in debug builds Feature: This is a security update - we recommend all users upgrade.

Safeguard against some possible plugin created memory leaks Change: System log sorting after leaving window open was broken Fix: Minimize to tray works as expected on Windows 7 Fix: IPGuard for stability reasons. Update check now uses digitally signed file to avoid potential malicious apexdcc++ Change: System log updates to current time when re-opened.

Joined Jul 19, Messages 4. Cleaned up setup script no uninstalls everything correctly Feature: Seperate icon for multiple instances place tray.

Hopefully fixed persistent Ignores long standing issue Change: Default upload slots is now 3 slot ratio still 0 Change: Renamed "Use traditional tray icon behaviour" to "Single click tray icon to open" Change: Updated Innosetup to 5. Introduced new icons with tool-tips under user-list area Change: Installer updated to NSIS 2.

Always minimises to taskbar in Windows 7 Run in Compatibility mode if you want to revert Change: All pre-installed hub addresses use ADC protocol where possible.

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