Longenkurs babette teschen

The course has really become excellent, successful in every respect — once again, many congratulations! And are you really sure that you are doing the horse good with the way that you are lungeing? Billing Address obligatory field. Such good explanations and all the many illustrative photos with the drawn-on indicators that really clearly back up the explanation!

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I find the new explanations sooooo helpful!! There is 9 times out of 10 when I see a horse being longed that it lays on the circle like a motorbike, rather than lontenkurs train on rails. However I am sure there will be plenty people willing to argue with me and agree with you. A well trained horse which enjoys working and knows how to move in a way that improves its health.

Theorievortrag zum Longenkurs mit Babette Teschen

An informal email is also valid. Babette Teschen has been my trainer for a while, I toldher that I would like to introduce the Longenkurs here in France and if there is any feedback we might organize a cours with her. In this case, please email us and we will respond.

Sounds like a lot of advert sorry for that, but im so happy with this cours, i cant keep it back from you. This deserves HUGE praise at any rate! A trotter learns how to move — a report on our experiences with the lungeing course.

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If your horse has no health problems, after regular work according to the course, it should display the following on the lunge:. Many people think that anyone can lunge.

Extra long headpiece for large heads. You can really work with this e-book on your own without having any worries that you might be making some serious mistake. You can also give the lungeing course to someone as a gift. My lungeing course shows you a way that achieves this for me.

Through the course I have learnt many more good reasons for my opinion — to the benefit of horses — thank babstte so much!!! My name is Babette Teschen. At least, that has been my experience up to now. I am telling everyone how brilliant your written work is and how much trouble you have taken with it and I babeette that lots and lots of other horse people are going to buy it.

This is the second version of the course in lungeing, improved, re-worked and considerably expanded. But no, unfortunately this is absolutely not so.

With a click tsechen the following picture you can see a film which gives a bit of an idea of what working according to my lungeing course is like:. Please select which newsletters you would like to receive.

Longenkurs Babette Teschen

You do not only understand our particular problems, but can also offer really concrete help for getting horses with special paces to work properly with their backs. I am delighted to have such an excellent and well worked out learning programme from you on hand for my customers.

Can you, for example, see the difference between the following two pictures? And I like all the pictures!

Babette teschen longenkurs download

And with every individual horse I have learnt something new. Your order data will be transmitted via an encrypted SSL connection. Do keep doing more. I have recently bought your online Lungeing Course and would like to thank you longenurs Mrs Konnerth very much for your excellent and careful work.

And what I am really taken with, is the fact that you really properly explain, in a way that is really easy to understand, why it is, or indeed is not, good for the horse with both positive and negative examples that are presented in a way that is very easy to interpret.

If you do not like it or it does not fit your horse just simply send it back to me. Interesting for me, as a trainer, to read, as the course confirmed my determination to continue my opposition to the thankless business of lungeing on a bit and the tying up and packaging of horses with sidereins etc. There is of lontenkurs no risk attached to buying my cavesson.

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