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The stones in each letter are precisely aligned and adjusted to create perfect rhinestone text. A system developed to teach you how to penetrate the education, school, spirit-wear or campus apparel market segment. We now have over 2, owners of our Rhinestone System. Logan Pro Log Analyzer 1. The plug-ins support print and cut functions with most popular cutters that have an optical registration system.

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Dynamic sizing enables automatic adjustment of rhinestone spacing when a pattern is resized. Explore new markets by converting photos to complex rhinestone patterns using the new bitmap to rhinestone conversion feature.

Pending the approval of our patent application, owners of the Rhinestone Decal System will be able to produce and market rhinestone decals on an exclusive basis. Merge everything of contacts, include: There are crack groups who work together in order to crack software, games, etc. Since the introduction prp our Rhinestone System, we recognized that a key to our system was user-friendly, yet powerful software. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. The picture I used came out unbelievable.

StoneCut Pro 2

The software includes dozens of sample rhinestone patterns, apparel templates for the production of virtual samples, plus vector clipart optimized for rhinestone production. Yes, but it is unnecessary. Quick Cut pro includes powerful Video Editing Engine that make it fast to export to new video clips. In addition, our owners are not limited to round hot fix elements.

Consumables Wonder Flock Rhinestones. This technique is the most efficient and effective method for creating complex designs with the stencil technique.

We have smagtcut our development of StoneCut Pro 2 on automating and simplifying the process of designing, preparing and outputting multi-decoration graphics. VAT pro will instantly calculate the missing values.

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In addition, vector images created in Wilcom software can be imported into StoneCut Pro 2 and converted to a rhinestone pattern. Your current SmartCut Pro dongle will be upgraded to a StoneCut Pro 2 dongle after you install the software and enter a new serial number. Logan Pro Log Analyzer 1.

Our greatest source of research and development comes from our owners. Kompatibel fr iPhone und iPad. We have focused our development on workflow.

Download Cool Edit Pro free. Home About Brooke Blog Contact. We have worked tirelessly to improve and perfect the process of creating rhinestone and multi-decoration apparel.

StoneCut Pro 2 has the best feature set in the industry for efficiently designing rhinestone patterns. StoneCut Pro 2 also includes powerful tools for converting any Windows font into a rhinestone pattern.

One of the most frustrating aspects of designing rhinestone patterns is overlapping or closely spaced stones. StoneCut Pro 2 can also be used as an output software to send patterns or multi-decoration graphics to a cutter or laser engraver. Produce simulated sequin heat transfers with the new Simulated Sequin feature. Employ all of the same tools and techniques that other experts have used to become decorated apparel specialists. We can help you put together a custom package that is right for your company, and save you a few bucks in the process.

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StoneCut Pro 2 represents a quantum leap in technology for multi-decoration design and production. Yes, we are frequently contacted by people that purchased competing software programs that would like to enhance their rhinestone design and production capability.

StoneCut Pro 2 owners will greatly reduce labor due to less weeding and stencils with consistently round holes. Weeding is the process of smartuct the stencil from the liner sheet. Rhinestone Decals are a big deal.

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