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Long massage and levander oil? To give Fish for free or to learn Fish and catch smth for environment? Watch your language, you may find some pearls.

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So keep to shut up and start to focus on beauty of this huge world!

Nobody needs empty words! What did YOU create? Nemam nijake citove alebo doverne Puto s tymi, co slopu a zeru a kradnu. A ze by mi niekto palatil tie moje naklady na standard? To take everything than what?! What kind of way of expressing feelings is for you acceptable?! My lips are for what???

God watching me for 28 years, right?

Kde sa daju lepit tie obalocky, aby som karierne rastla!!! To produce unquality human capital? No for "rodinne zalozenych"! Other mentality, character and behavior is Hard to implement in new area or community. New piece of furniture or desk?! Fucking Your dirty money!

What did you own? When did you hear this?! Who is stupid and naive?

What About to show Your cash flow, income statement and balance sheet? If you don't know to accept and respect current representatives of governments, firms, souucitu and monarchies than focus rather on yourself.

Aj Hlas sa mi zmenil, nielen plet. Jedni sa hraju na turkov, druhi na britov, soucigu 15 mesiacov bez full time Jobu kvoli komu?! Zarobit mi nedate na vychode, ale pani mamu by kazdy navstevoval. To give Fish for free or to learn Fish and catch smth for environment?

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I am watching you all the time, really?! To soucigu zivotne minimum? Merry Christmas and Happy New ' Work 5 days till 4 pm without lunch or coffee? Who is looking for somebody like ME?

Enjoy till you wake up from your accounts without reserves and gold, treasures!


Hate and jeaulousy caused wrinkles and grey hairs? Co robi ten sipko, supekova, bacisin?

Skryvajte sa poza kriky a chodte po kanaloch, rada zadarmo. My back will be hold and treated by who?! Did you make contract and pay fees?!

Hard work for free?

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