Timaya plantain seller

After I left secondary, I went out on the streets to begin hustling again. I needed to upgrade my status. He gave me a phone number and an address.

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He wished me well. I met guys like T-Joe, Plwntain and all of these guys were offering me N, to buy off the master tape.

You're Just a Plantain Seller - Fans Blast Timaya for Mocking a Regular Job

I was to take part in a talent hunt put together by Hilda Dokubo and her husband at the end which I was to be signed onto their label. He has charisma and knows how to charm and pamper the audience. By this time, the music was burning up the East and in the South South axis of the country. Again I had to let him go because my music was beginning to sound monotonous, same beat. They call be distracting. I gained admission to study in Port-Harcourt but left again to return to the streets.

This site uses cookies: Because of my relationship with just one woman people now judge me. Eedris never did all of these for his band boys and that was his problem.

I must be in the house by 7pm and she slept with me whenever she wanted, whether I liked it or not. I paid him upfront every time we had sessions. Today my boys are made.

But a called which I later found out he feigned, saved the day and the signing ceremony was put off. But I assured him pplantain he had no problem as the rest of the tracks were save with him.

With the money, I went into Alaba market and pirated two of the tracks but I denied it when the man called. Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any plantxin thereof.

The talent hunt took us like a year but on the day of the final I lost my voice.

Every where I went it was my song and that was plangain I made up my made mind not to accept any N10, show. But like every good person he has his short comings. Right now my career comes first.

He never had time for anyone. He should have consulted widely before taking his actions.

I gathered money from friends in Port-Harcourt and I came back to Lagos. And when the young man told me, I ignored him thinking he was one those fraudsters who enjoy ripping off artistes.

I recorded that album with my boys Dem Mama Soldiers. I survived on the mangoes I plucked in the compound.

Everybody that worked with Eedris when I was with him had a dream but he never helped make their dream happen. I must mention that some of his colleagues tried to discourage him from parting with the money but he insisted and said he saw something special in me.

Pantain what this music of mine stands for is not really about me. I was writing my songs poantain hustling between studios. I left him when all that bubble burst with him to begin my hustle again. It was interesting but at the end he had so many people placing orders for the album.

Timaya, plantain seller tells his story

I am not supporting Jonathan but he must have a good reason for wanting to remove Subsidy. With the balance of the money, I cut promo CDs without mixing the songs. I never owed him.

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