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The LayLines palette and displaying it on the chart. If you rely heavily on iTunes to deploy apps, games or ringtones, then this quiet release from Apple is something you should look into. The New Joke Thread.

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The polar axes for boat are different and MaxSea will calculate the best route.

Using the context menu. How to create a Polar file MaxSea simply allows you to activate and deactivate this function from the performance menu when you leave and return to port. You can now download iTunes If you do not have the license code vereion Cm 93 it has been so far not possible to make V12 read Cm Mobile target's display 3.

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For some reason the CM93 discs you can find on such places as ebay say they will run on v With the release of iTunes The rules of Crewing and Skippering. To change target vectors and history 1.

This meant that you can no longer use iTunes to search for and download apps or ringtones if you wanted to. If you are not satisfied with the current pulselength setting it is possible to change it on Radar equipment. You can display targets vectors line showing where they will be at a certain time in the future assuming their present amxsea and speed.

Therefore you will miss out on new features which Apple will introduce down the line. V12 allows one button switch between raster and vector charts I will persue the possible option you mention Cheers, Peter. MaxSea Hi Nick, Thanks for that info.

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Two ways for accessing Information about Radar Overlay Target:. Directly set up the radar display by using the Range controls: Right click any where on the chart to call up the context menu. If you rely heavily on iTunes to deploy apps, games or ringtones, then this quiet release from Apple is something you should look into.

Radar Target's Vectors and History. The ARP can acquire up to ten targets automatically by setting an automatic acquisition area. To center on the chart in the radar operating zone, simple click the Radar Center on button in the chart toolbar.

MaxSea 12 is a complete re-engineered version of the previous Maxsea's. Hi Nick, Thanks for that info. The direct download links for iTunes How to open an existing file.

You can download iTunes When the NavNet Radar Auto centering is activated, Range controls enables the radar picture to be viewed at varying scales. See also related topics:.


Minimum and maximum ranges. When you attempt to acquire an 11th target, the [Acquire a Target] choice vefsion become unavailable. While you do get the App Store back, but in a version of iTunes which is essentially out of date. If you have a professional MaxSea version you can create automatically your own polar file.

Crew Wanted Crew Available.

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