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You have to define one language to be a default language of the site. Please refer to Privacy Policy. You also helped me to install it and config the hosting. To edit existing menu category - select Edit Menus from the Menus Management page and then click an appropriate category from the list.

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Licenses for ApPHP Medical Appointment

This license for ApPHP Medical Appointment means you'll have access to the full source code to modify or customize it to your needs: This section describes how to manage pages. Generally, the Main Admin is the role that has all rights, like a Site Owner but may be deleted by the Owner and a Simple Admin type is the type which has reduced rights.

This program is free software: You can add, edit or delete news records. You may also update your vocabulary by uploading a vocabulary file if you created such file before or have it from the previous installation.

Now you can run install. On this page you can add, edit or delete existing accounts of Patients.

Statistics mdical you to track amount of orders groped by months, learn how orders are distributed by countries and get some other useful information. Please refer to Privacy Policy.

Select Insurances from the Appointments menu.

On this page you appoingment define all available types of visit reasons. This page allows you to define Banners settings, like: Select Patients from the Accounts Menu.

The privileges for selected role will be applied automatically for created account. This section describes how to work with embedded modules.

Please use only letters of the English alphabet to enter your name. Therefore, it is essential to provide a valid e-mail address to be able to use our services correctly.

PHP Medical Appointment Script - Examples | ApPHP

On this page you can manage all site administrator accounts. To do this simply click [Upload from File] link, then select vocabulary file, language to update and press on upload and Process button. On this page you can add, edit or delete existing groups of Patients.

Also you need to enter admin username and admin password, that will be used to get access to administration area of the site. Appointmemt this page patient can change an account password.

On this page administrator can manage comments: Select Currencies from the Payments menu. If not, set manually or rights depends on your system settings to this directory and return them back after the installation is completed. Mefical have to enter group name and description optional. Web Templates See the full lineup of available templates for our products.

PHP Medical Appointment Script - Getting Started | ApPHP

Orders page gives you possibility to manage existing orders, placed by doctor. On this page you will see a list of existing albums.

Select Settings from General Menu. Create Your Free Account. When you add new language the system creates for it a copy of vocabulary a list of predefined constants, used by the system from the default language and you will need to translate them into the new language.

On this page administrator can manage all appointments made by the patients: This takes just a couple of minutes.

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