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I never have MacBook. Great Man October 8, at 8: Have you try right click "Run as administrator" from.

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The full version needs to work at older Windows such as Windows XP for example. August 31, at I only have another installer for the game that my friend gave me and the full game works on my computer. Anyways I already have someone comment at YouTube https: The game works but only the trial version. That would be another suggestion.

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I'm wondering if multiplayer is possible at all, instead of playing against AI opponents, can they all be controlled by human players instead?

This game works perfectly, its so good to see someone remembers these games.

And make sure Java plugin is uninstalled, because Java plugin conflict with Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and it will block that game from running it. You can email me if you want that game and I'll send you that. Now you can install windows xp using a virtual operating system software called Oracle VM VirtualBox. XctT0Z4band Java plugin will have to be uninstalled or disabled, because Java plugin conflict iwldtangent Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and will block any of those games from running it.

I cannot get cannonballs to work, I get asked to download Microsoft java virtaul machine which is no longer availible. Great Man October 14, at 9: Eddy August 13, at 7: I'm not sure what you saying.

My only complaint with Speedway is its incompleteness which speedday it feel like a demo game. I would appreciate it. On the other hand, I tried spicing up the action by driving the track going 'the wrong way' - what a blast.

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Thank you for making these. So I'm am running windows 7 and the trial version of cannon balls works great but the batch file does nothing for a full version. Also, would these work on a MacBook?

Great Man October 7, at 2: Pakoon 2 Pakoon is essentially a snowboarding game except that instead of riding Anyways you have done very well with archiving these games. And one more thing. So different game packages will have different versions.

Cannonballs full version is possible with windows Are you talking about multiplayer or just local player for Cannonballs game?

My last speeway may have not gotten through, trying again.

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Also, I create this petition of old WildTangent games https: Or just double click. Here is my email greatman yahoo. Eddy January 6, at 9: I wish I can find another way to get the full game working for Windows 10, but no luck.

Wildtangenf are only able to drive 3 different cars on one track.

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